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Basic Human needs: scientific resources

A few links to work that shows the relevance between an individual's knowledge and acceptance of their basic human needs and their overall well-being and happiness:

A brief description of Carl Rogers' "client centered therapy"

A video tape of a session between Carl Rogers, "founder" of humanist counseling and Gloria, expressing what's going on for her. Gloria graciously volunteered to do therapy with several counselors, all using slightly different approaches, mostly based on the humanist model

Carl Rogers-Center for studies of the person

A lecture by Albert Ellis on RET (Rational Emotive Therapy)

The Albert Ellis Institute

Needs-Based communication's founder, Marshall Rosenberg

A video introduction on Needs-Based Communication (AKANonviolent communication) by Marshall

Aaron T. Beck's CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) at the Beck Institute

A conversation with Aaron T. Beck

David Burns is the best-selling author of Feeling good

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